The Chelan County Commissioners held a public hearing Tuesday regarding the County's six-year capital improvement plan.

The plan is part of the mandates established under the state's Growth Management Act and is reviewed annually for project and fiscal additions and amendments.

Commissioner Kevin Overbay says it assists the County by estimating the cost and scope of its scheduled capital improvement projects.

"It basically describes capital expenditures for any projects the County is proposing to do for its capital facilities. It lays out the expenditures for each project, along with what scopes of work we need to do, and then what the planned funding source for each project is."

The current plan covers projects expected to occur between this year and 2029, which is a list that Overbay says is lengthy and growing.

"Some examples of projects that we have in the works are runway paving and lighting upgrades at the Cashmere-Dryden Airport, and building improvements for the fair and expo center. We also have some ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) updates that we need to do, as well as replacing the boiler in the courthouse and security upgrades for our juvenile (detention) center, and also some plumbing upgrades in the courthouse and the law and justice building."

The County is also planning improvement projects at its transfer stations in Dryden and Chelan, the regional justice center, and Ohme Gardens.

Overbay adds the County has no estimate on the total cost of all the projects, but says it will easily be a figure in the tens-of-millions of dollars.

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