A 39-year-old man from Chelan faces accusations including Rape of a Child and Sexual Exploitation of a Minor. 

Police say Abraham Escalera enticed two teenage girls into having sex and submitting to compromising photographs in exchange for drugs, including fentanyl. 

Escalera is currently in the Chelan County jail with bail set at $750,000 and prosecutors have until next Tuesday to bring charges against him. 

In a probable cause statement, police say one of the victims told them the activity took place dating back two years. 

The case has been under investigation since June of 2022. 

Escalera was arrested Thursday on his current charges.  

He was originally arrested on October 3 and officers say he refused to comply with a warrant to unlock his cell phone so they could gather evidence from it. He was brought to court, where it was determined to release him until results from a DNA analysis were recovered. 

Escalera is currently accused of 11 crimes, including 2nd Degree Forcible Rape of a Child, 3rd Degree Forcible Rape of a Child, two counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, four counts of Sexual Misconduct of a Minor, two counts Prostitution and Obstructing of Justice (for disregarding a warrant) 

Escalera has also been given a no contact order for the two alleged victims. 

The probable cause statement says officers found multiple photos of children appearing to be under age 18 engaged in multiple sexually explicit positions on Escalera's phone. 

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