Snow plow crews are getting a break from heavy storms after a busy start to the winter season in Chelan County. 

Public Works Director and County Engineer Eric Pierson says crews have been especially busy in the Leavenworth District. 

"The guys have really put some time into it," said Pierson. "It has been a little more of a challenge up in the Leavenworth District, which it typically always does. It snows first and it's the last that the snow leaves." 

Early snowfall hit the region in November and continued until recently when there's been more rainfall at the county's lower elevations. 

Pierson says overtime has been racking up for crews. 

"The last two weeks there's been guys up in the Leavenworth district that's gotten 30 hours of overtime," Pierson said. "Under those circumstances it's a matter watching the crews and making sure they don't over extend themselves."  

The next possibility for snowfall comes Tuesday night and Wednesday, although Thursday and Friday are supposed to be dry. 

Chelan County had two snow plows and one grader that were out of service for repairs as of last week. Pierson said their shop is sometimes as busy as their road crews. 

The grader was at a Caterpillar facility being rebuilt.  

Crews spent Monday cleaning up a mud slide on Colockum Road south of Malaga. 

Image of slide on Colockum Rd from Chelan County Public Works
Image of slide on Colockum Rd from Chelan County Public Works

A social media post for the Public Works Department said, “In Chelan County, wet and warm conditions means the potential for mud and rock slides is always there.”  

The posting reminded residents to lower their speeds they see county road crews at work. The slide on Colockum Road happened at about 5pm Sunday.

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