A retired Chelan Schools physical education teacher has a clean slate after a child molestation charge was dropped.

Chelan County prosecutors moved to dismiss the single charge against 72-year-old Jack Rutter Wednesday, saying they did not have sufficient evidence.

Rutter was accused of molesting the child during P.E. class, starting while the child was in kindergarten in 2010, and continuing into the second grade.

The charge was dropped nearly four years after Rutter was accused of the offense in 2019.

Rutter's lawyer made a statement in support of the move at Wednesday's Dismissal Hearing.

A Chelan County Superior Court judge ordered the charge dismissed without prejudice, meaning Rutter could be charged again in the same court.

According to an Affidavit of Probable Cause from May of 2019, the molestation was alleged to have taken place at a community gym while Rutter was a P.E. teacher at Morgan Owens Elementary School.

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