The City of Leavenworth interviewed two candidates vying for the vacant city council seat last Tuesday.

On Sep. 13 during their city council meeting, Leavenworth City Council interviewed candidates Tibor Lak and Shane Thayer. 

Both candidates are seeking the city council seat left behind by the late Carolyn Wilson, who passed away back in July.

Tibor Lak is a former Leavenworth city council member, who served on the council for three terms before losing his seat in 2016.

Lak has lived in Leavenworth since 1969 and manages a business in downtown Leavenworth. 

During his interview, Lak illustrated his interest in keeping the tourist industry alive in Leavenworth and focusing on the revenue side of the city, and that the city should prepare for future growth when Microsoft employees come over from Malaga.

In regards to the housing crisis in Leavenworth, he states that Leavenworth may never have affordable living costs like in other areas. He also stated that it was important for the city to manage their UGA and not Chelan County.

Shane Thayer is a community member who has lived in Leavenworth for over 30 years. He stated that he does not have experience serving on a local government.

Thayer wants to focus on affordable housing and finding housing for Leavenworth workers, stating that short-term rentals are taking away housing opportunities.

Thayer also said he wanted to utilize tourism funds toward improving parks, roads, and schools with tourism.

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