Washington 8th District Congresswoman Kim Schrier is paying tribute to outgoing Wenatchee Mayor Frank Kuntz. 

Schrier’s Central Washington representative, Ruby Gaston, attended this week’s city council meeting, where she recited remarks Schrier will read into the Congressional Record to honor Kuntz. 

Those remarks make reference to deep financial trouble the city experienced when Kuntz took office. 

"Thankfully, Mayor Kuntz, an accountant by trade, put his professional expertise to good use and worked with Republicans, Democrats and independents to restore Wenatchee's financial standing," said Gaston. 

Shrier will deliver the testimonial in the next week at the federal capital. 

Gaston also presented Kuntz with a flag the congresswoman arranged to have flown at the U.S. Capital in his honor on Sep. 26. 

"At the request of the honorable Kim Schrier, member of Congress, this flag was flown for Mayor Frank Kuntz," Gaston said. 

Kuntz worked with Schrier, who accessed federal money for local projects, including the Apple Capital Loop Trail and the Confluence Parkway. 

Subsequently, Kuntz, a Republican, endorsed Schrier, a Democrat in the last Congressional election. 

City Councilor Mike Poirier was elected in November’s election to replace Kuntz. Poirier and four city councilmembers will be sworn into office on Dec. 28 at Wenatchee City Hall. 

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