The Douglas County Commissioners have written a letter to 7th District Sen. Shelley Short (R) of Addy asking her to work with lawmakers in Olympia to establish a sales tax holiday for the county's residents.

The missive, which was penned on March 21, also requests Short assist in providing the commissioners with the ability to offer a six month sales tax reprieve to the county's businesses.

During an appearance on the KPQ Morning Update on Thursday, Short says she has yet to read the commissioners' letter but likes their idea and also believes there are other things that could be done to help the county's residents.

"I'm supportive of the idea. We've had bills introduced to do such a thing already and we've also had bills introduced to grant a homestead exemption to property owners. The nice thing about a homestead exemption is that it's not a tax shift. It doesn't interfere with the local taxing authority but it certainly would give property owners a break."

Despite her own support, and that which Short says also exists with many of her fellow legislators, she feels it might be too late for the idea to gain enough traction during the current session.

"Clearly what the commissioners are saying is that the people of their county need a break - our businesses are struggling and our small families are struggling and we need to look for a way to help them out. We could still do that, but the later in the session it is, the harder it is to get something done. So in the last 24 days of this year's session, I'm not sure we will."

Washington's 2023 legislative session ends on April 23.

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