Douglas County Superior Court Judge Brian Huber dismissed the class action lawsuit against Confluence Health with prejudice on Friday.

Dismissing a case with prejudice means that this case can’t be brought back to Douglas County Superior Court.

Back in April, a total of 92 Confluence former employees filed a class action suit against their employer for wrongful termination for not taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

Plaintiffs were represented by East Wenatchee Attorney Steve C. Lacy.

Lacey argued that Confluence Health failed to accommodate the plaintiffs’ religious beliefs and their “natural immunity” to COVID-19.

Judge Huber writes that the plaintiffs’ failed to identify a clear public policy that supports their claim of wrongful discharge, or that Confluence neglected their religious and medical exemptions.

Judge Huber also determined that the plaintiffs do not have an inherent disability for their perceived natural immunity to COVID-19, and that they would need to prove that being unvaccinated causes a mental or physical impairment.

Further on, Judge Huber states that having a perceived superior immunity/trait does not qualify as an impairment, since it does not negatively affect their body.

 Plaintiffs’ motion for sanctions was also denied.

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