There's more progress in the East Wenatchee project to install a traffic light at the intersection of Rock Island Road and 3rd Street Southeast. 

The city council has approved a bid from Selland Construction to improve the entire intersection. 

East Wenatchee Public Works Manager Garren Melton says the numbers work out so favorably that the city with be able to repave the intersection. 

"With this low bid from Selland, we're also able to overlay the intersection of 3rd and Rock Island Road, and still come in under the total project amount," said Melton. 

The busy intersection is part of East Wenatchee's 6 Year Transportation Improvement Plan. 

The city is using a roughly $807,000 grant from the Transportation Improvement Board to improve the intersection.   

City staff applied for the grant in 2019 and 2020, but came up just short despite scoring well. The city was successful in 2121 in large part because of the relocation of the police department nearby at 50 Simon Street. 

Melton says the project also includes money for Link Transit. 

“On this project, we’re also partnering with Link Transit, who want to rehab their Park & Rides that’s on the southwest corner of the intersection,” Melton said. 

Link Transit will reimburse the city for the Improvements to the Park & Ride. 

It’s the only Park & Ride in East Wenatchee with 25 spaces.  

According to the Link Transit website, the facility is not yet open for use. 

The low bid from Selland Construction brings the total project cost to $1,177,204.40, which is 13.3% under the engineers estimate.  

The city will allocate $307,205, but will save money overall after being reimbursed $499,953 for Link Transit's share of the costs. 

Construction on the project is set to begin this spring.

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