The Eastmont School District is asking voters to support a $117.1 million school construction bond in a special election next month.

It's holding a community meeting on Jan. 17 about the bond, which would make upgrades to four elementary schools and beef up security at district buildings.

The district says the new bond package would not raise property taxes because it would kick in after an existing tax levy expires.

Eastmont voters rejected a larger bond package last year. The $185 million package actually received 51 percent support, but bonds require a 60 percent majority in order to pass.

Tax levies, such as the one scheduled to expire, only require a simple majority vote to get approval. That package brought the construction of 20 new classrooms and four cafeterias.

The bond that failed last year would have built new classrooms at Cascade, Kenroy, Lee and Rock Island elementary schools, and five portables would have been replaced at Cascade, Kenroy and Lee elementary schools.

It also would have made upgrades at Sterling Junior High School and the athletic complex at Eastmont High School.

In addition, outdoor hallways would have been eliminated and a secure entrance way at every school that does not have one would have been created.

The new bond package includes all the same safety features.

It also would modernize three of the District’s oldest schools - Cascade Elementary (Built in 1969; remodeled in 1994), Kenroy Elementary (Built in 1958; remodeled in 1991) and Lee Elementary (Built in 1956; remodeled in 1988)

In addition, improvement would be made at Rock Island Elementary School, including a new single point of entry, a new roof, and HVAC.

The total 2023 combined tax rate for all Eastmont School tax requests is $2.92. The district says that figure would not change with the new bond.

The special election is February 13.

The community meeting to showcase the bond package is Wednesday, January 17 at 6:00 p.m. It'll take place at Eastmont Parks Community Center 230 N Georgia Ave, East Wenatchee.

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