The Soap Lake Police Department is sharing a recent incident of an incredibly drunk driver to highlight the importance of finding a ride.

The department said that last week on December 22nd police responded to calls of an unconscious person behind the wheel of a car blocking the intersection of Division Street South and 6th Avenue Southeast.

The driver, 28-year-old Erik Leal of Ephrata, eventually rolled his window down and the officer noted the strong odor of intoxicants as well as the driver's slurred speech and bloodshot, watery eyes. Leal also attempted to hide an open bottle of Monarch vodka and had several open bottles in the car.

Leal was arrested for DUI and was booked into the Grant County Jail, where he reportedly registered a breath-alcohol level of .302, almost four times the legal limit.

The Soap Lake Police Department said in a statement, "Though we are happy that this situation did not turn out worse, please remember to not drink and drive. Please, call a friend, Uber/Lyft/taxi, or public transportation."

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