Chelan County Fire District No. 1 and Douglas County Fire District No. 2 are less than two weeks away from their voter-approved merger to become the Wenatchee Valley Fire Department.

Last month, voters within the jurisdictions of the two fire districts passed a measure to unify the services of both into one agency.

Chelan 1/Douglas 2 Fire Chief, Brian Brett, says there are a wealth of changes ahead for both districts as they combine, including the number of chiefs who will serve the new department.

“Historically in the Valley, when there were three fire departments, there were 11 chiefs – and now we’re shrinking down to four. That contraction has been in progress for a while now. We currently have five chiefs but we intend on transitioning one more chief out through attrition at the end of next year.”

The merger will also prompt the relocation of Douglas 2’s administrative staff from East Wenatchee to Chelan 1’s location in Wenatchee, as well as a change of address for the offices of the fire marshal, wildland fire liaison, and fire prevention services – which will all be located at Douglas 2’s main building in East Wenatchee.

While much of the transition will take place behind the scenes, Chief Brett says residents in the Valley will see a new logo affixed to the uniforms of all fire personnel but only on some of the new department’s vehicles.

“We intend to keep the logos on the original Chelan County 1 and Douglas County 2 fire apparatus. We will put new patches on our uniforms and we have two brush trucks that are not in service yet, as well as a ladder truck that’s on order, which will all have the new brand. Otherwise, we’re going to keep our costs down and let the old logos attrition out.”

The two fire districts will officially become the Wenatchee Valley Fire Department on September 30.

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