A flood watch warning was issued to several counties in the north central region starting Thursday morning through Friday morning.

The direction of thunderstorms will begin in the Idaho Panhandle area on Thursday morning before moving that heavy rainfall into the north central region later in the afternoon.

The National Weather Service forecasts excessive rainfall and thunderstorms coming to Chelan, Ferry, Okanogan, Pend Oreille, and Stevens counties. 

Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
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National Weather Service Meteorologist Charlotte Dewey says burn scars in the region could escalate flooding concerns.

“We do have the burn scars near Lake Chelan and then another one that’s just northwest of Wenatchee right near Cashmere,” Dewey said. “Those are recent enough where any heavy intense rainfall that falls on those in a one or two hour time period could produce some debris flow or some maybe landslide impacts.” 

The flood watch also warns of street flooding and flooding in creeks and rivers.

Outdoor recreationalists should check weather forecasts for specific areas before heading outside.

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