Big money played a huge part in Chelan County’s midterm election, with the commissioner election accruing over $100k and the sheriff election gaining nearly $150k.

Two of the top campaign fundraisers are Chelan County Commissioner candidate Anne Hessburg, who raised $81,164, and current Chelan County Sheriff Brian Burnett, who raised up to $88,507.

Leavenworth City Councilmember Anne Hessburg is running against Wok About Grill restaurateur Shon Smith for current Commissioner Bob Bugert’s District #3 seat.

Hessburg entered her campaign with $2,100, along with $4,000 in loans. Roughly $13,000 of her total campaign funds came from local businesses.

Some of her largest contributors include the Washington Realtors PAC (North Central Washington), Short-term Rental Alliance of Chelan County (STRACC), Stein Leavenworth, Gatens Green Weidenbach PLLC, and Love Leavenworth, the last being the largest contributor of $2,500.

Shon Smith raised about $31,854. Those who contributed to his campaign include Edy Construction Corp, Chelan Douglas Republican Women, Columbia Distributing, G.L. White Construction, Wessman Construction LLC, Gold Construction Inc., Central Washington Motorcycle Club, D&P Darlington LLC, Washington Small Business Council, SE Inc DBA Smith Excavation, and Love Leavenworth.

Chelan County Sheriff Brian Burnett is running against Chelan County Deputy Mike Morrison. If Burnett wins, this would be his fourth term.

This election is particularly controversial due to Morrison currently running against his superior, but Morrison has references two harassment cases lobbed against Chelan County Sheriff’s Office.

Burnett has had 44 donations if $1,000, which alone comes close to Morrison's total take. Several of Burnett's donor doubled down with two separate contributions of $1,000.

They include Smith Excavation of Cashmere, James Sherman of DataPro International Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada, Taylor Orchards Purchasing LLC of Wenatchee. PPC Solutions of Spokane Valley, William Brown of Greenacres, Jagrut Shaw of Phoenix Protection Services in Auburn and Thomas Hatch of Lincoln, Ca.,

Jim and Tami Stephens of Stephens Enterprises each donated $1,000. Jordanne and Christine Barros of Rock Island each contributed $1,000.

Mike Morrison has raised over $46,432. He is the top donor to his own campaign, with with separate contributions of $1,400 and $1,000.

Morrison had a total of 11 contributions of $1,000. Joe McGreevy and Jessica Sutherland of Newport Beach together made two contributions of $1,000 each.

Here are some other campaign money facts for this upcoming election:

Allen Blackmon and Jon Volyn are both running for Chelan County District Court Judge. 

Blackmon has raised nearly $29,263, with $21,000 raised by himself. One of his notable contributors is the Washington Teamsters Legislative League.

Volyn has raised over $17,026, with $12,00 raised by himself. His contributors include Woods, Brangwin and Braton, PLLC, and Barrister Labradors LLC.

Sandra Arechiga and Marty Young are running for Chelan County Clerk.

Young raised over $5,143 and has received donations from the Chelan Douglas Republican Women.

Arechiga currently has no recorded campaign finances.

Information was taken from the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission.

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