The Grant County Sheriff's Office is retiring two of the dogs from its K9 unit.

The sheriff's office announced today (Tuesday, Sept. 26) that Deputy K9 Hawk and Deputy K9 Edo will be relieved of their duties, effective immediately.

Sheriff's spokesperson Kyle Foreman says both animals are being forced into an early retirement due to health concerns.

"They're both hard-working dogs and are both always exercising very hard and in some cases our dogs sustain injuries during the course of performing their duty. In this case, both dogs have developed some medical issues and need to be retired. Both of them will be going to live out their days with their respective handlers."

K9 Hawk is retiring to the care of his handler, Cpl. David De La Rosa, after spending the better part of a decade on the force, while K9 Edo is retiring after over six years of service to the care of his handler, Deputy Tyson Voss.

Foreman says the sheriff's office has not yet identified a replacement for the retiring dogs.

"We'll have to go through a process to select replacement K9s. Because this was a short notice retirement for two animals that were having some medical issues, we'll formulate a plan and seek the support of the community. The program is thoroughly dependent on the support of the community."

The retirements have reduced the number of dogs on the sheriff's office force by half, with only Deputy K9 Chewbacca and Deputy K9 Zed remaining on active duty.

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