For the third time in just over a month, a Grant County Sheriff's Office deputy has been involved in a traffic accident.

It happened late Saturday (Jan. 27) after Deputy Trevor Jones had finished a traffic stop and received a radio call for assistance with a domestic disturbance report on the north side of Moses Lake.

While en route to assist, Deputy Jones says he lost situational awareness and drove through the intersection of Westover Boulevard and Owen Road, striking a curb with his patrol vehicle and going off the roadway into a field.

Jones, who sustained minor injuries in the accident, also says poor visibility due to heavy fog contributed to the mishap.

The incident is currently under investigation by the Moses Lake Police Department, who says it appears inattention was a factor in the collision.

In a social media post this week, Grant County Sheriff Joe Kriete expressed concern over the accident and reassured the public that all deputies in his office must complete an emergency vehicle operator's course to ensure they can drive in a safe manner while on duty.

Kriete says once an internal investigation is complete, Jones will go before a collision review board that will analyze the evidence and reach a conclusion on why the accident occurred, whether it could have been prevented, and how to stop similar incidents from happening in the future. After that, Jones will go through a disciplinary process, if deemed necessary.

The crash involving Jones follows two other traffic accidents involving Grant County deputies that occurred on December 25 and December 28 - both of which are still under internal review.

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