The U.S. House of Representatives is likely to vote on an assault-type weapon ban Friday, although questions are building as to whether or not the vote will actually happen.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the vote in a letter to the Democratic Caucus earlier Friday.

4th District Representative Dan Newhouse, a Republican, said it was just three weeks ago that comprehensive gun legislation was passed that took away the 2nd amendment rights from young adults. Now, he says, Democrats are coming for the rights of the rest of America's adults.

"I'm very skeptical that this legislation is anything but trying to provide talking points for people as they go home to their home districts to campaign," said Newhouse.

The legislation aims to make the sale, importation, transfer, manufacture or possession of semi-automatic-type weapons and high-capacity ammunition feeding devices a criminal act.

"The reason we're sitting here wondering if we're going to vote or not: I don't think there's agreement within the Democratic Conference on whether or not to move forward." continued Newhouse, "I don't think they have the votes currently to do this."

If approved by the House the legislation would move on to the Senate, where it is unlikely to garner the required support. In order to make it past a Republican filibuster, the bill would need all 50 Democrats to vote in favor as well as 10 Republicans.

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