When I was a teenager, we used to call it "going to the submarine races". After a school dance or a movie, you and your date might find a place to park for a little “make out time”.
In Seattle Alki Point was popular. It was also fun to park under the glide path of the planes landing at Seatac Airport. In Wenatchee a popular spot was on Skyline Drive. 

Photo by John Borba
Photo by John Borba

When we got older, we were looking for places to “Make Whoopi” and sometimes the car (or van) was all you had at the time. Here is where the question comes in. Just how illegal is it to “Make Whoopi” in your car in the state of Washington? 

Generally a misdemeanor offense punishable by a maximum of ninety (90) days in jail and a thousand dollar ($1000) fine. 

Painted heart on a dewy car window, view from inside, it's dark outside

If you and your partner decide to “do it” in your car and the car is parked in a public place, then you are busted. Parking in your driveway won’t work if someone passing by can see inside the vehicle, busted. Try it with the car in the garage with the garage door closed. Then all you have to worry about is traumatizing your kids and pets. 


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