Governor Jay Inslee addressed those in the state that are currently eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination but are "vaccine hesitant" during a press conference Wednesday.

Inslee says 28% of those over 65 in Washington State haven't received a vaccine.

"The thing that's more powerful than any governor or president is a grandson or a nephew or a spouse." explained Inslee, "That's the most powerful thing to really get people to save themselves and that's why the best thing we can do is encourage individual help on this to help with your loved ones. That's why we're encouraging people today."

Inslee stated that many have had three full months to get a vaccination and he can't stand the fact that the state will lose more people to COVID that could have been saved.

Everyone in a vaccine-eligible phase can still receive their COVID-19 shot for as long as the state has vaccine. Secretary of Health Umair Shah added that neglecting to get a COVID shot is like choosing to drive around without a seatbelt.

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