Police say the 35-year-old man arrested after firing a gun Saturday night at a Wenatchee apartment complex was aiming at relatives who had taken him home from a party. 

An arrest document filed in Chelan County Superior Court Monday contends Jamie Camarena Zaragosa was intoxicated and got into a physical fight at about 9:44 p.m. with his brother-in-law at his apartment in the 1100 block of Red Apple Road.  

Police say he then entered the apartment, picked up a .223 caliber rifle, and fired multiple times, hitting no one. 

Relatives who had been holding the apartment door closed then fled the scene. 

The Arrest document says relatives watched Camarena walk down the stairs from his second-floor apartment with an AR-15-style rifle and shoot several more times, again not striking anyone. 

Police say Camarena then fled the scene on foot and was tracked down to the residence of a relative in the 1200 block of Millerdale Avenue. 

A Chelan County Sheriff's Office drone with a thermal camera was used to locate Camarena hiding under furniture on the back porch of the relative's home. He surrendered when ordered to come out by a police public address speaker. 

Police say they located four AR-15-style rifles and one Colt 1911-style pistol inside Camarena's apartment which they seized as evidence along with numerous magazines and ammunition. 

They also found eight spent casings, six inside the second-floor apartment and two on a sidewalk near the building. 

Police are asking for 1st Degree Assault charges against Camarena. He was scheduled to appear in court Monday. 


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