So, everyone here in the office is saying leave it to Uncle Dave to find another story about pizza. Here's the deal. There was a study done by an outfit called. 

Looking for the best cities for pizza? in the United States. And what they came up with is the top 250 cities for pizza in America, based on average Google review scores. 

This list tells us about the top tier pizza places all across the United States. And where to find them? 

Let's look at the top five. 

 #1 NYC (4.68) 

Italian pizza is cooked in a wood-fired oven.
Andrey Grigoriev

Of course, at the top of this list is New York City. the pizza culture in new york city is legendary in fact you can find different styles of pizza in each borough of the city. they have an average google 4.68. Let's face it, you can almost find a pizza shop on every corner. 

 #2 Tulsa, Oklahoma (4.65) 

Believe it or not Tulsa claims the second spot, with an average Google review score of 4.65. This is a bit of a surprise to me. Tulsa OK has never been considered a bastion of pizza excellence, but Google does not lie. (at least about this.) if you love pizza and all its different varieties, Tulsa, OK is a destination you need to go to. 

 #3 Los Angeles, California (4.63) 

Coming in at #3 is Los Angeles, with an average score of 4.63. Yes, LA has everything, including great pizza. From upscale shops to the mom and pops. The pizza scene in Los Angeles is diverse. With multiple styles and lots of different toppings. 

 #4 Peoria, Arizona (4.61) 


Peoria came in at #4 with a score of 4.61. This desert city is not only a home to spring training for Major League Baseball but also an unexpected city to represent the art of pizza. Peoria, AZ. stands out with its unique blend of Southwestern flavors. 

 #5 Jonesboro, Arkansas (4.6) 

Just behind with a score of 4.6, Jonesboro sits at #5. Jonesboro's pizza parlors merge the traditions and flavors of. Classic pizza with. Southern food traditions. 

 Now the top pizzeria in Washington state. 

Slice of pizza margarita
Olga Nayashkova

 #33 Everett (4.52): Everett’s pizzerias represent the Pacific Northwest's and emphasis on fresh, local ingredients. 

According to Everett's best pizza comes from everywhere but Everett. Check some of these locations.
Cristiano's Pizza Etc
Conto's Pizza & Pasta
Brooklyn Brothers Pizzeria

Here are a few that are in Everett.
Alfy's Pizza
Brooklyn Brothers Pizzeria
Romio's Pizza & Pasta 

Chicago style pizza with lots of pepperoni, tomato sauce and cheese.

To see the full list of 250 pizza states. Pizza cities. Check out Infographic  


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