We've all been there, right? We have all been rejected in one way or another.

How you handle the fall out determines your maturity, stance with others and how you will lead the following moments.

How do we handle rejection in Washington State?

Does it even vary, state to state?

If you are like me, yes, it does vary. Long drives and different views for the win please.


Take the roads you've never traveled and remember, You Got This! - Aly (me, who is writing the article)

The 6 Best Washington Backroads for a Relaxing Road Trip

Sit back and let the wind take your hair, or wig, I won't judge.

There's something to say about new experiences.

Want to spark creativity? Keep your head clear or maybe just look at something other than the same view you've had for, sometime now. Going on a drive is my number 1 recommendation! It's worked for me since I could drive, and continues to do so into my 30's.

What are some things to actually DO in Washington to get over the rejection?

I'll be honest here, I know all you want to do is maybe sleep or hide under a rock. I've been there, I get it. But we just simply cannot do that.

Things to do in Washington State

Social media could be down, or you may just simply be looking for something to do in our great Evergreen state, check out these options!

Gallery Credit: Aly

I will tell you, when life knocks us down, sitting in the "crap" for a long time will help NO ONE. We have to get up, dust ourselves off and find what makes our hearts sing! Life will not always go our way, but we can be graceful about the process and do only what we can control, and that is our actions. So, make those actions positive and for YOU.

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