Have you Visited the Yokes Fresh Market store lately?

More specifically, Yoke's Fresh Market, located at 9329 E. Montgomery Avenue in Spokane Valley?

Did you by chance purchase a lottery ticket?

I ask all this because Yokes Fresh Market (the specific one listed above) has sold a whopping 3 winning lottery tickets! Did I mention, they sold all these winning tickets within the same week?


Crazy, I know!

The first winner sold was back in April, the winning 4.6mil. Lotto Jackpot

Apparently, the person lived in a nearby area called, Newman Lake.

The other two winners (within the same week) won on different games.

HIT5 was a ticket sold, yielding the winner $165,000. And a Powerball ticket was sold as well but this one gained even more money, how though?

"... Because the winner purchased a Power Play add-on, the prize was multiplied by that night’s randomly chosen multiplier of 4, yielding a $200,000 win for local resident M.L.," Source

What happens when a store sells a winning Lotto ticket?

"Since they sold that top-tier winning lottery ticket, the store received a $46,000 retailer selling bonus from Washington’s Lottery," - Source

What if you won the lottery?

What a crazy thing that would be, right? We don't wanna be willy-nilly with the winnings though, so here's some advice, if you do win.

These Are The Steps Experts Say To Take If You Win The Lottery

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But let's be real here, sometimes we do want to be frivolous.

Here's what people have said they would spend the winning on.

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We asked people what frivolous thing they'd spend money on if they won the lottery (after all bills and such are paid, obviously) and their answers didn't disappoint!

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If you feel lucky, buy the ticket!

You only live once, right?


5 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery

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