The information released by the Oregon Secretary of State says there's misinformation, even "lies" being spread about the role or impact AI could have on elections going forward.

  Oregon launches new voter program

LaVonne Griffin-Lavade, the Secretary of State, has this to say in her Thursday release:

"Even with the conspiracies, outright lies, and uncertainty around AI technology, I believe 2024 will be the most secure election in history. That’s because officials in Oregon and around the country are doing the necessary work to protect our democracy."

Oregon has launched what is called the Trusted Into 2024 Campaign, which has a variety of steps people can take to follow their ballot and ensure it is safe.

According to the Trusted Info website:

"The Oregon Elections Division is continuously updating its website,, with information and tools on:

How to register to vote and change your voter registration
How to submit your ballot in time to be counted and where you can do so
How you can track your ballot once it’s submitted to ensure it gets accepted
All the ways Oregon election officials keep your ballot safe and secure
Oregon’s election laws, rules, and regulations around petition initiatives, campaign finance, and more"

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Oregon has used vote-by-mail for just over 20 years.

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