Plans for a litany of major improvements to Malaga Community Park are continuing to take shape.

Last week, Chelan County closed on its first of several planned property acquisitions for the park.

Chelan County Commissioner Kevin Overbay says the initial procurement will provide several critical requirements for the scheduled upgrades.

"The property is approximately six acres in total and not all of it is riverfront. Some of it is actually right-of-way property which is located between the Burlington Northern Santé Fe rail line and the Malaga-Alcoa Highway that right now connects the existing park to what will be the future park in Malaga."

Overbay says the park was identified for expansion as part of the county's Shoreline Master Program.

"Malaga is actually the only community in Chelan County that our Shoreline Master Program identified as not having access to any waterfront for its citizens. So this will provide not only a much-needed recreational opportunity for them, but also an enhancement to their quality-of-life standards and meet the standards set by our Shoreline Master Program."

The park improvement project is being led by Chelan County Natural Resources.

It was purchased in 2004 by the Malaga-Colockum Community Council and is maintained using limited resources and equipment.

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