The long running CBS Sunday Morning news magazine highlighted the history of Leavenworth, WA on Christmas Eve.

You can watch the Youtube video below.

The segment features amazing photos and the history of Leavenworth's transformation into the "Bavarian Village" that attracted more than 3 million visitors last year.

The story of the "miracle town" is told through interviews featuring Leavenworth merchants Kevin Rieke from The Wood Shop and The Hat Shop on Front Street, Rob Johnson from the Enzian Inn and Post Hotel and Ann Peavey with the Greater Leavenworth Museum.

Peavey explains how Bob Rogers and Ted Price came to town and helped convince building owners to gamble on adopting a Bavarian theme for their storefronts that reversed the fortunes of the dying timber and railroad based economy.

Bob Rogers & Ted Price CBS Youtube
Bob Rogers & Ted Price CBS Youtube

Leavenworth is a Top 10 Christmas destination and also a top year-round tourism draw, attracting international visitors for it's authentic Bavarian feel.

Leavenworth's streets fill for celebrations during the Christmas season, Maifest, the Autumn Leaf Festival and Oktoberfest.

Leavenworth Oktoberfest CBS Youtube
Leavenworth Oktoberfest CBS Youtube

But the Leavenworth, WA of today might have been a very different story had it not been for the amazing foresight and planning to adopt the Bavarian theme that would secure the community's future.

Enjoy the CBS Sunday Morning feature below.

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