During Wenatchee’s world famous Apple Blossom Festival, locals and guests have the opportunity to attend Music Theatre of Wenatchee’s annual Apple Blossom Musical at the Numerica Performing Arts Center. 

Music Theatre of Wenatchee has been an influential arts nonprofit in Wenatchee since 1961. Their mission is “to provide quality, live theatrical entertainment for the community from concept to performance, to provide opportunities for individuals to develop and use their own artistic skills and talents in a supportive, congenial and creative atmosphere, to provide leadership in artistic development, to entertain, educate, and enrich the lives of our patrons and community, to encourage appreciation of quality theater, and to join in cooperative efforts toward the advancement of local performing arts.”

I auditioned for my first Apple Blossom Musical, “Mary Poppins,” in 2016. I loved Mary Poppins growing up and was very excited to participate! I auditioned at the BPOE building, but since then, auditions generally take place at the Numerica Performing Arts Center. 

The first step in the audition process is filling out your paperwork. On your audition form, you have the opportunity to list other shows you’ve participated in, but don’t worry, I was a newbie and “theater virgins” are always encouraged to audition! On your form, you also have a chance to list the characters you’d like to audition for, or you can specify that you’d rather have an ensemble part. You also fill out a “conflict calendar” listing the dates on which you cannot attend rehearsals. Rehearsals are generally Monday-Thursday from late January through show opening in May. But you only attend the rehearsals for scenes in which your character is needed. 

After filling out your paperwork, it’s time to show up for auditions! You’re given a number and someone will take your picture and maybe even measurements for costuming purposes. 

Then you wait. And wait. And wait. When your character is called, you exit the lobby and head into the theater with the other people who want that role. Recently I auditioned for Donkey in the 2023 musical, “Shrek.” There were about eight people in my group. 

Prior to auditions, MTW posts the audition materials on their website, so you have plenty of time to practice the required song. Once in the theater, the accompanist runs through the song with the group a few times, just to make sure everyone knows it. Then you go in front of the directors, one by one, and have your chance to wow them with your skill and positive attitude! 

If they like what they see, you’ll get a “callback” to return the following night to sing additional material and possibly read lines with other characters. 

The callback process is usually over by Wednesday of audition week and by Sunday, the cast list will be e-mailed to all who auditioned, and then posted on MTW’s Facebook page. 

Of course, you don’t always get the role you want. I wasn’t cast as Donkey in Shrek. But it’s still thrilling to be on stage in the ensemble. I remember how exciting it was to don my costume and become Mr. Northbrook in Mary Poppins, singing and dancing with some of Wenatchee’s most talented performers! 

If you’ve ever considered trying out for a play or musical, get on MTW’s website or Facebook page and check out their audition listings! And don’t miss the 2023 Apple Blossom Musical, Shrek The Musical. 

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