Lawmakers are down to the final wire with the deadline to pass bills from its opposite house of origin set for Friday, March 4 at 5 p.m. Legislators worked into the overnight hours Thursday to pass out bills that impact the three state budgets.

The state budgets are the operating, capital and the transportation budgets. The $12 billion transportation budget was approved.

"The state is seeing record revenue, record dollars coming in and they're looking to spend every single penny and then some," said 12th District Representative Mike Steele. "When you have the influx of money that we do, there's a lot more infighting because everyone has a special cause they want to make sure is funded."

According to Rep. Steele, record numbers of state funds are being funneled into housing and homelessness. This stirs up a tug-of-war with the excess funds as other lawmakers are nudging revenue to go in the direction of K-12 education and behavioral health.

The final day of the legislative session is March 10.

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