The Wenatchee Valley and parts of North Central Washington will see 80-degree weather this weekend.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Krista Carrothers says the blast of warn air is being caused by a ridge that's building in.

"These are very common in the summertime, a little infrequent, very much shorter coming in fall and winter seasons," said Carrothers. "So, we'll have that high pressure building with the ridge, and that is going to warm us up. And then once we have a trough and a low pressure come through, that's going to be what causes us to cool done."

Carrothers says the current warm weather is a fleeting moment. "Yes, I would say for those people that like those warmer temperatures, this might be your last chance. So, enjoy it."

The current warm weather is unusual for this time of year as the average daytime high ths weekend is about 67.

Carrothers says the warm air is bucking an October trend where temperatures drastically drop.

"We do drop in temperature pretty significantly throughout this month," Carrothers said. "We're also losing that daylight, so we're not going to have as much daylight throughout the day to help warm those temperatures up. So we're going to have more of those abilities to cool."

The average daytime high at the end of October is about 51 in Wenatchee.

And finally, snow is not unheard of in early October. The National Weather Service distributed a photo of their office in Spokane earlier this week showing snow at the office from a couple of years ago on the same date.

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