The Wenatchee Valley College community outreach coordinator is now heading the NCW Equity Alliance. 

Oscar Licon-Eusebio was announced as the group's first-ever Executive Director Monday, and he says it's a good match for his experiences. 

"There a lot of things that I've done outside of the college," said Licon-Eusebio. "I was involved in different boards like Parque Padrinos and Pinnacles Prep. I also was invited to be a part of the Presidential Advisory Council for Equity Inclusion at the college." 

The NCW Equity Alliance was founded last year with a goal of promoting a more inclusive community for people across race, gender, sexuality and disability lines. 

"We're talking people of color, so different minority groups, under represented, marginalized people," Licon-Eusebio said. "So not only ethnicity, but also taking about abilities, disabilities, the LGBTQI+ community. So Ya, we do serve a wide range of folks in the region."  

Licon-Eusebio is a graduate of Wenatchee High School with Master's Degree in information technology and administrative management and  Bachelor’s Degrees in accounting and business administration, all from Central Washington University. 

While in Ellensburg, Licon-Eusebio founded the CWU Mariachi Band and served as its president. 

“Oscar grew up in Wenatchee and understands the region and its unique perspectives. He is a connector, and he is equity focused,” said Karen Francis-McWhite, NCW Equity Alliance vice chairperson. “His experience and knowledge will help immensely as the NCW Equity Alliance continues to partner with others to cultivate a more welcoming and equitable region. We are thrilled that Oscar is joining our team.” 

Licon-Eusebio took over as Executive Director for NCW Equity Alliance on Monday, and has left his position at Wenatchee Valley College.

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