Outdoor recreation enthusiasts may be interested in this Friday and Saturday's Washington Fish and Wildlife's Commission meeting. On the 13th and 14th, in Winthrop at the Sun Mountain Lodge the commission could possibly pass a new Get Outdoors license for Washington state residents. A public hearing will also be held for interested individuals to weigh in.

"This license is the first time we've combined a variety of our hunting and fishing license products into a single pitch," said Nate Pamplin, Director of Budget and Government Affairs.

The new license package would include an annual combination recreational freshwater, saltwater and shellfish license and an annual combination hunting license for deer, elk, bear and cougar. Other features that fall under the license umbrella are: two pole endorsement, Puget Sound crab endorsement, bear and cougar transport tags, small game license, migratory bird permit and migratory bird authorization and two turkey tags.

"We hear from customers we want the convenience of just being able to essentially click a button and be able to provide a majority of the licenses to go play outside for hunting and fishing. As well as we hear that from our retail dealers," said Pamplin.

The new Get Outdoors license would cost $235.18 which includes fees. For the 2020 license year (which runs from April 2020-March 2021), the new license will be available for purchase December 1.

Both days, the meeting begins at 8 a.m. The commission consists of citizens appointed by the governor.



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