New court filings show a property owner claims he did nothing wrong or illegal in his earth moving operation in No. 1 Canyon west of Wenatchee, 

Chelan County is suing Tyler Chambers, claiming he disobeyed a stop-work order in May, and also failed to obtain a document called a critical areas report. 

In a new submission to the court this week, Chambers claims he was told by the county that a critical claims report was not necessary for the work he was doing, and that he was never issued a stop work order. 

Chambers earth moving expedition drew alarm from neighbors and scrutiny from the county after it carved deep into hillsides in No. 1 Canyon earlier this year. 

The ongoing lawsuit against Chambers is being fought in Chelan County Superior Court. 

An affidavit to the court by Chelan County Code Enforcement deputy Bruce Anderson claims that Chambers told him, "I'm not stopping", referring to Chambers earth moving project. 

Chambers denies the claims in his submission this week. 

He's asking the court to toss the county's lawsuit against him, and to have his court costs covered. 

The county is seeking to have Chambers block from any further land excavation at the property 

The Chelan-Douglas Land Trust has also sued Chambers saying that his earthmoving project damaged their property. 

Chambers owns about 66 acres in the 3300 block of No. 1 Canyon Road, which completely surrounds Land Trust property in the foothills. 

The Land Trust filed its lawsuit against Chambers last month while the county’s litigation dates back to May, when Chambers was first started using a bulldozer and two other earth moving tractors. 

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