The American holiday classic "It's A Wonderful Life" will be performed before a live audience as a 1940's era broadcast on Dec. 19th at the Numerica Performing Arts Center on 560 KPQ.

Director Dani Schafer-Cloke has put together an ensemble cast that bring the familiar characters to life on stage, telling the story of George Bailey who considers ending his life one fateful Christmas Eve in Bedford Falls.

The performance starts at 7:30pm and includes live sponsor commercials from the businesses that made the production possible and read by the stage announcer, just like the live 1940's broadcast would have included.

KPQ will rebroadcast the program on Christmas Eve at 7:30pm

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Radio's Golden Age

Bob Hope in 1947 radio broadcast Getty Images
Bob Hope in 1947 radio broadcast Getty Images

Before TV reached it's golden age, radio was a main source of entertainment. Families would gather around the radio for President Roosevelt's Fireside chats and news, l and was live music performances, serial dramas, mysteries, comedies, and more.

This form of entertainment is what we call "old-time radio" and was in it's heyday, from the 1920's -1950's.  The Jell-O Program, starring Jack Benny, The Pepsodent SHow with Bob Hope and the most popular show of it's time, Fibber McGee and Molly  The 1940's were radio's Golden Age.

During this era also known as "theater of the mind", the voice actors and sound effects created by foley artists could transport you anywhere.

The Old Time Radio Show

Tuesday, December 19, 2023 at:Numerica Performing Arts Center                  123 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801

Live broadcast on KPQ AM560/FM 101.7      Re-airing on Christmas Eve at 7:30pm

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