A 60-year-old East Wenatchee man arrested after a standoff with police last week will not face felony charges in the confrontation. 

Pacomio Anguiano Santana was taken into custody last Wednesday after the East Cascade SWAT Team was sent to his home in the 1800 block of Sunset Highway.  

Anguiano was suspected of domestic assault and illegal possession of a gun. 

But prosecutors in Douglas County filed paperwork Monday stating that Anguiano Santana would only face misdemeanor charges because no guns were found in his home. 

Had firearms been found, Anguiano Santana could have faced felony charges because he's a convicted felon and not allowed to have a gun because of prior weapons violations. 

Prosecutors also noted the charges police are seeking against him - Attempted Unlawful Imprisonment, 4th Degree Assault and Resisting Arrest - are misdemeanors. 

Anguiano Santana will now go to trial in municipal court rather than Douglas County Superior Court. 

The confrontation started when East Wenatchee Police had gone to a home on a domestic violence call at about 2:45am last Wednesday.  

Officers say the woman who had made the call was eventually able to exit the residence and they were able to establish probable cause to arrest Anguiano-Santana on the domestic assault claim.   

The woman told officers that Anguiano-Santana had a firearm in the residence and had access to it.  

Officers say while they were talking to the woman, Anguiano Santana came out of the house, saw them and went back inside.  

They say he refused to reemerge from the home when asked to.  

That's when the Eastern Cascade SWAT Team and Crisis Negotiation Team were brought in to assist.  

Once the SWAT team arrived and hailed Anguiano Santana, he came out of the home and was arrested. 

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