Pinnacles Prep public charter school In Wenatchee is hiring to fill five positions in the next school year. 

The school is adding two administrators and three teachers. 

The administrative openings are for the Director of Operations and Family & Community Engagement Coordinator. 

The teacher positions the school is trying to fill are Math Teacher: Algebra & Geometry, High School Spanish Teacher, and Special Education Specialist. 

Pinnacles Prep Community Connector Sara Rolfs says each position will fill a particular need at the school, including the opening for a Special Education Specialist. 

"We do have a higher percentage of kids that qualify for special education," said Rolfs. "The average at the local districts is about 17 percent. I think we're at about 22 percent. So, we just need some extra support in our special education department to make sure that we deliver those services." 

In addition, Sara Rolfs says they're looking for a specific math teacher because the school is expanding the grade levels it serves. 

"The Algebra & Geometry teacher is just because we're expanding the high school, and we need to be able to offer those subjects," Rolfs said. 

Pinnacles Prep currently offers classes for 6th through 10th grade students but will be expanding to 11th grade in the next school year. It’ll expand once again to the 12th grade in the year after that, the 2026-27 school year. 

The school is limited to 60 students per grade level. Unlike traditional public schools, Pinnacles Prep accepts applications and admits students through a weighted lottery. Everybody who applies gets a ticket. Extra tickets are awarded based on certain conditions. Socio-economically disadvantaged kids get five extra tickets. Students applying from underperforming schools get two extra tickets. 

As a charter public school in Washington, Pinnicles Prep has a different funding source. Whereas traditional public schools receive state funding through the state legislature, charter schools are funded through the state lottery. 

Rolfs said charter schools are also not able to run levies or implement bonds as traditional schools can and do. She said the bond and levy restrictions mean charter schools receive an average of $3,000 less in funding per student. 

The job openings at Pinnacles Prep with the corresponding salary range and links and links to the job description are posted below. 

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