Time is running out for local residents to weigh in on Chelan County's River Recreation Management Plan for 2023.

The public has until this Friday, Nov. 17 to submit comments about the draft which proposes numerous changes and additions to recreational management on the Icicle River in Leavenworth.

Chelan County Commissioner Shon Smith says the draft includes numerous proposals, including the addition of new staff to assist with river education and patrolling.

"We could be hiring a river recreation manager to develop educational information about how to float the rivers near Leavenworth politely and do it with our environment in mind. We're also looking at hiring an on-the-river ranger who would help on those peak-season weekends when river use is really high."

The plan also considers adding more trash receptacles near the river, banning recreationists from playing loud music and using most disposable beverage containers, and enacting a seasonal closure for floating the river.

Additionally, Smith says the draft looks at a fee system for river use during high season.

"There's already a fee for the commercial tubers and rafters up there that they pay back to the City (of Leavenworth). There's currently no payment or registration system for the locals use their own inner tubes or rafts. But we're looking at collecting something off the high-impact times of the year when we have a lot of visitors coming from out of town."

To view the survey or make comments regarding its contents, click here.

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