A Wenatchee boy deserves kudos for acting swiftly and decisively in the face of danger - or potential danger.

Eight-year-old Andres Flores was at home, restlessly biding his time, when he was struck by a frightful sight on Thursday afternoon. Somehow the shed next door had caught fire.

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We still don't know what ignited this shed fire in the 1400 block of Pershing Street. But in no time at all, Flores leapt to his feet. He alerted a relative named Roberto Alva, seemingly the only adult in his vicinity.

Alva is also a man of action. He extinguished the shed fire.

The shed is attached to a house in which children apparently reside. Alva has been quoted as saying he was concerned for the well-being of those children, but he wasn't scared per se.

When we say Flores was "restless," it's because he was in timeout! This according to Wenatchee Fire Chief Brian Brett.

"Fortunately [Flores] had the wherewithal to realize he could probably get away with escaping timeout," Brett says. "He quickly notified one of his relatives, who went out and was able to put the fire out with a garden hose prior to fire crews arriving."

"We're super grateful for the eight-year-old's quick action. That definitely saved the garage."

It is anyone's guess why the boy had been punished. But the level-headed Flores more than redeemed himself with his fire safety skills and coolness under pressure.

The structure itself sustained minimal damage. Click here for tips on protecting your shed.

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