Rails & Ales this weekend in downtown Wenatchee will be a much larger event than in the past. 

It's moving from Friday to Saturday and turning into an all-day gathering with winter sports activities as well as music and food and beverage vendors. 

Mission Ridge spokesperson Tony Hickok says they're bringing more snow off the mountain this year for the event. 

"We've also been making snow all season, stockpiling it up just to make sure that we can have a great event in downtown Wenatchee," said Hickok. 

Rails & Ales will open for the first time in Centennial Park at noon Saturday.

Hickok says they're bringing the winter sports experience into the heart of the inner city. 

"We're going to be down on site with ski and snowboard equipment for folks to slide on some snow there in Centennial Park, for those who've maybe never had the chance to put skis or snowboards on," Hickok said. 

The well-known ski and snowboard rail jam contest follows a block north from Centennial Park on the slope down Orondo Avenue from Wenatchee Avenue.   

A concert will follow back at the park where there’ll be a beer garden. 

The expanded event is being staged by the Wenatchee Chamber and Visit Wenatchee. 

The daytime activity at Centennial Park is called Snow Play, which will take place from 12-3 pm, The Rail Jam competition on Orondo Avenue is scheduled for 4-9 pm. 

There’ll be two concerts in the park. The group Hungry Heart will perform from 3-5 pm followed by a nighttime show with the band Sour Fuzz from 8-10 pm.  

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