8th District Rep. Kim Schrier wrote to the Federal Trade Commission some of her concerns regarding the $24.6 billion Albertsons and Kroger merger.

On Oct. 14, Kroger announced that they are currently in talks with Albertsons on merging together.

Kroger is the largest grocery chain in the United States, with Albertsons being the fourth largest.

Schrier wrote that this merger could potentially raise prices, decrease competition in the marketplace, and create further problems for Pacific Northwest farmers.

She elaborated that this merger would make grocery costs in rural areas much higher, where fresh produce is already becoming slim.

She also wrote that this merger strengthens the claim that corporations are using the pandemic and inflation to justify raising their prices, in consequence to their consumers.

In 2021, Kroger increased profits 8.35 percent, with $132.5 billion, from 2020. Albertsons annual revenue increased 11.58 percent between 2020-2021, with $69.7 billion.

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