It’s been three weeks since Bird scooters flocked to the streets of the Wenatchee Valley, and thus far they’ve proven very popular with users.

Wenatchee Mayor Frank Kuntz says most of the feedback being received by the city is positive.

“I think overall we’re getting more positives than negatives,” says Kuntz. “Some folks are still not wearing helmets and riding them on the sidewalks and other stuff they shouldn’t be doing. But the complaints I have heard is that there’s not enough of them.”

Bird deployed approximately 100 of the pay-per-use e-scooters under a partnership with the city back on May 16th.

A decision about whether the city will continue the service will be made by the end of June, but Kuntz sounds confident that the Birds won’t be going away any time soon.

“I think the two gentlemen who are running it for Bird Scooters are doing a nice job, and I think so far so good. We’ll let the (city) council decide in another couple weeks – we’ll talk about it at a meeting. Both parties have a 30-day out clause, so I would anticipate that we would go on with this for a while.”

The scooters have already been used for over 4,000 individual rides around the city to date.

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