The suspect injured in a shootout with police near Moses Lake this week, is now out of the hospital and in jail.

Robert Gwinn faces first degree charges for attempted murder, assault and unlawful possession of a firearm, as well as outstanding felony warrants.

Investigators are looking into the series of events that ended when a police driving maneuver forced the SUV driven by Gwinn into a rollover crash.

They've determined that only one deputy shot back at Gwinn during the incident. That deputy is on administrative leave, and the gun he used has not been found.

The series of events started when a police officer and a deputy assisted a bail bondsman to serve felony warrants on Gwinn at about 1pm last Sunday.

He was spotted driving a car, and pulled into a driveway at 8381 Stratford Rd NE. as Deputy Voss started chasing him.

Officers say Voss got out of his patrol car as Gwinn was shooting at him, and returned fire while Gwinn ran away and jumped a fence to a nearby residence/shop.

Investigators say Gwinn entered the shop and was seen on a surveillance video shooting one time towards the area of law enforcement.

They say he then left the shop and entered the residence where he was confronted by an armed homeowner.  Gwinn reportedly ended up taking a set of Jeep keys and the homeowner told him to leave.

Officers say Gwinn ran up to the parked Jeep, got in and drove off while Deputy Voss fired his hand gun again at Gwinn.

They say Gwinn drove through a nearby field and entered a road, where a Moses Lake Police officer performed a Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT) to stop the Jeep.

The Jeep spinned and rolled onto its side, where police and deputies aided Gwinn and took him into custody.

Currently, Deputy Voss' gun has not been found. He is the only member of responding law enforcement to have fired a weapon, and is the only one on administrative leave.

The investigative team looking into the incident includes members of the Quincy, Ellensburg and Ephrata Police, as well as members of the Adams County Sheriff's Office, Washington State Patrol and Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The group includes two non-law enforcement community representatives from Moses Lake.

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