Temporary weight restrictions are in place on some Chelan County roads for freight haulers.  

The restrictions take place annually but are coming early this year because of rain from the warmer El Niño winter. 

County spokesperson Jilll FitzSimmons says the restrictions are meant to prevent damage. 

"When we have to put these restrictions on, it's because the roads are wet," said FitzSimmons. "It's that seasonal snow melt and runoff. It can soften pavement. And we don't want the roads to get damaged." 

Weight Restrictions in Chelan County - Image from Chelan County
Weight Restrictions in Chelan County - Image from Chelan County

Weight restrictions for freight haulers are now in place in the Chelan area, with other areas in the county likely to see them before long. 

The other driving districts are Cashmere, Entiat, Leavenworth and Wenatchee. 

The restrictions apply to vehicles over 34,000 pounds, but freight haulers can get a special permit allowing them an exemption. 

Emergency vehicles and school buses are already exempt. 

Freight haulers are asked to watch for posting weight restriction signs on county roadways and the county website.  

The free permit must be handed in by 10 a.m. Monday through Thursday before haulers will travel. (If a hauler must travel on a Monday, the permit must be received by the Thursday prior.) 

FitzSimmons says the restrictions are coming about three weeks early this year. 

“Normal stuff is end of February and maybe into April,” FitzSimmons said. “It all depends on how fast we dry out, and weather is going to play a huge factor on when they will come off.” 

Haulers are encouraged to send the permit application via email to public.works@co.chelan.wa.us or fax (509-667-6250). The county prefers email. The office can be called with questions at 509-667-6415. 


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