The public is invited to a town hall to learn about a watercraft inspection program coming to Lake Chelan next year. 

A recent assessment of aquatic invasive species shows the lake is at high risk for invasive mussels, which could diminish its water quality. 

The mussels spread by attaching themselves to the hulls of boats, which is why the watercraft inspection program is being introduced. 

The county says its concerned with protecting the local economy, which depends on 2 million tourists who visit Lake Chelan every year. 

There's also a focus on protecting the water for local residents as a source of potable water for domestic and agricultural use. 

Chelan County Natural Resources staff will speak at the town hall, where they'll discuss possible preventative measures to protect Lake Chelan. 

Those measures include the introduction of watercraft inspections.  

Funding from the National Park Service will be used to launch a voluntary mobile watercraft inspection program in 2023. The county is also looking at a mandatory inspection program for the future. 

The town hall is 5 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday Dec. 14 at Chelan Fire Hall, 232 E. Wapato Ave. in Chelan. 

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