The City of Wenatchee's Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department is contracting the removal of some trees from Washington Park beginning April 12th.

Director Dave Erickson says it could significantly change the appearance of the park.

"We'll be removing the trees that are bordering the park between the street and the sidewalk. We've done several years worth of analysis on the trees and watched them. We've had different arborists in and monitor the trees. They've reached the end of their life span."

He says many of the trees are dealing with natural challenges like rot or infestations and some are located in the power lines.

Erickson did note they aren't simply just removing the trees, but reshaping the park.

"We'll be taking all of those out. We'll be grinding the stumps down and planting grass in that planter strip. Then replanting [trees] on the park side of the sidewalk. We started replanting trees last year out there knowing that this was on its way and planted a whole row on Wilson St. We're going to continue that again this year."

He says they will order deciduous trees that will lose their leaves, but also a diverse number of trees.

There will also be repair work down to the sidewalk where it has heaved up or sunken down due to tree roots.

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