A little known service is available to some North Central Washington residents who face the challenge of having no transportation of their own and living outside the areas served by public transportation.

Trip-Link is celebrating it's first year of operation and funding has been renewed by Link Transit.  Cindy Abouammo, Trip-Link Outreach Coordinator says the program is expanding it's service area in 2023.  Abouammo says she thinks more people would utilize the program if they were aware of Trip-Link.

You may be eligible if you live outside of the Link service area, have no other means of transportation, or are a senior citizen, disabled or ill but don't qualify for Link-Plus services.

Abouammo says Trip-Link might be an option for individuals unable to get to essential services, for instance; medical or therapy appointments.  Trip-Link can be used for those who qualify for getting to a job, school or have no access to fixed route service by LINK Transit. Qualification varies based on a number of factors so Abouammo suggests anyone interested should contact Trip-Link.

The program utilizes volunteer drivers recruited by those who qualify for the service.  A driver could be a neighbor, friend or relative that resides in a different household from the rider.  The rider and driver arrange their trips and Trip-Link reimburses the qualified individual who pays the volunteer for the miles driven.

With recent service changes to LINK Transit service on a number of routes, Abouammo says Trip-Link is trying to fill the void.  "We have expanded our service to cover the areas where the Link route 20 (Sun Cove, Orondo, Chelan Falls) and route 26 (Entiat river, Ardenvoir) used to cover"  Those routes have been suspended. Trip-Link is also adding eligibility for the Plain/Lake Wenatchee area

If you would like to apply for Trip-Link service;

Apply by phone (Trip-Link office) 509-664-7630 or by mailing in a completed application. Applications can be found here.



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