A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Officer at Pangborn Airport in East Wenatchee is being credited with helping to save a person's life. 

TSA officer Alan Holiman was called to the boarding area where a man was lying on the floor and not responding to boarding instructions. 

TSA officer Alan Holiman - Image from TSA
TSA officer Alan Holiman - Image from TSA

Holiman approached the traveler, noticed he was breathing and attempted to rouse him, but the man did not respond. 

He remembered overhearing the traveler mention during the security screening process that he was wearing a blood glucose monitor.  

Holiman became concerned that the traveler could be experiencing a serious medical condition, and quickly called 911. 

He then delivered chest compressions on the man, who began to respond and breath normally. 

It was then that the airport fire department arrived on scene to take over the emergency medical response. 

Other TSA personnel helped by securing an automated external defibrillator in case it was needed and by assisting paramedics when they arrived on scene. 

The man became alert and was taken to a hospital for further treatment. 

Holiman and his colleagues were recognized for their quick response in a national TSA news release. 

“I am proud of the job that EAT TSA team did to assist a traveler in need," said TSA Federal Security Director for Washington Greg Hawko. "They are valued members of their community and I thank them for their selfless actions.” 

The other Pangborn TSA officers recognized for their response were Salvador Quintoriano, Tye Overbey and Roselia Ortiz. 

The action to help save the traveler’s life took place Wednesday, OCT. 11. 

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