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11 Attorney's General have signed off on a letter sent to the Consumer Product Safety Division asking for more regulations on gas stoves. One of those AG's is WA AG Bob Ferguson.

WA, Oregon among the states on the letter

The letter was sent on May 8th, according to The Center Square. The letter pushes for:

 "measures that will reduce the harms associated with gas stoves due to their disproportionate impact on underserved communities."

 The letter claims the so-called hazards of natural gas stoves affect lower-income families more because they allegedly use them as heat sources.

The Consumer Product Safety Division, on May 7th, issued what is known as a RIF, or Request for Information, about the health impact of gas stoves.

The following day, these AGs signed off on the letter. The states involved include WA, Oregon, Delaware, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington D.C., and the City of New York.

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The letter demands the CPSC enact more stringent requirements and regulations on gas stoves, especially for ventilation.

According to data provided by The Center Square, 34 percent of WA homes use natural gas for heating, and 56 percent rely on electricity. WA state has already pursued numerous policies against natural gas usage. There are growing concerns natural gas restrictions could overload the energy grid, by forcing greater reliance on electricity.

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