Washington lawmakers are eyeing a revenue stream developed in other states through a tax on the delivery of online purchases.

The funding source is under consideration as gas tax revenues that are used to maintain roads continue to decline while the costs for road maintenance rises.

If a retail delivery fee or a tax, depending on how you look at it is passed here, your Amazon package, USPS or UPS delivery may have an extra cost.

Actually, the Washington legislature already passed a bill in 2023 through HB1125 that funded a study of a Retail Delivery Fee.

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The study considered how much money could be generated, how would revenue be distributed and the cost to implement the plan.  Finally, the impact to businesses must be considered

The study from the Washington Legislature's Joint Transportation Committee must consider what other state's are doing similarly and their report is due June 30th, 2024

Minnesota estimated it would raise $59 million on the fee of .50 cents on every delivery over $100.  Colorado generated over $75 million in 2022,  the first year on a $0.28 per delivery charge regardless of the order amount.

Both states had exemptions on the fee that was collected by the company and remitted to the state based on the company's total sales volume.

A consultant told the Washington Joint Transportation Committee the fee could raise between $112 million in 2026 and increase to $160 million by 2030

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