The State of Washington is going after a South Carolina online training company that is accused of deceptive advertising and collection practices as well as operating without a license.

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson's office filed the lawsuit in King County Superior Court Wednesday, claiming that Prehired LLC and its owner Joshua Jordan lied when it guaranteed students they would land a $60,000-plus job offer from a tech company of their choosing.

Prehired has been operation online since May 2017 and advertises itself as a "tech sales bootcamp".

At least 39 Washington residents entered into contracts with Prehired, owing more than $1 million in total, although those contracts are allegedly unenforceable given the lack of a license.

The Attorney General's Office also will file a preliminary injunction seeking to immediately stop Jordan and his school from operating in the state while the lawsuit continues.

Ferguson is asking anyone who paid Prehired for online training to please file a complaint with his office. A link to file a complaint can be found here.

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