Wenatchee has an acute affordable housing shortage that prevents people from choosing the valley as a place to work and call home. Traditional home ownership is out of reach for most people today. The cost of living versus wages, specifically in the housing industry, has increased to where most housing is no longer affordable for most people. Dash Morris with Dasheal Vincent & Co., says one solution is converting shipping containers into homes for residential purposes. “The goal with my project was to make it look and feel as much like a normal home as possible.”  Shipping container homes could be a way to increase the affordable housing inventory in North Central Washington.

Morris says his company can remodel shipping containers quickly for housing. “Everything would be built in a factory and the modules would be shipped out to an apartment complex, or even a house,” he said. “The structures themselves would go up on site within a week or two.”

Morris thinks that shipping container housing is the new business model for the future, a blending of for and non-profit companies, providing profit for investors, and a good low income option for many others.



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